dam on the Rio Rancheria

The Problem

Since the Mining company put a dam on the Rio Rancheria, very little water flows. What makes it through the coal mine and arrives in the community of the WAYUU in barely a trickle . They have been denied their source of life and in the last 3 years more than 100 children have died from malnutrition and continue to do so…..
Read here the full story of Colombia's pipes to nowhere published on the Guardian.

wate tanks

The Situation

Apart from the small amount of water which flows, the Wayuu people are now having to get water from other sources, a few wells that exist or expensive tankers which bring the water from outside the area. The water from the river, wells or tankers can be contaminated and carry parasites, which are causing more harm than good.

water cleaning system

Our Idea to help

In collaboration with Colombian/French Association Syndrome Aktif, we are raising funds until end of this year 2015, hopefully enough money to supply some of the Wayuu with their own easy to use and maintain water cleaning systems. NGO will support us with their simple and effective filter systems, that will be personally delivered to those who need it most. There are no "hidden" administration costs, and each member of the mission will pay their own travel expenses. Every cent raised will go 100 % into the needed hardware to provide clean water 4 the Wayuu.

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